Posted on Jul 3rd, 2012

Residents who are disturbed by animals are urged to first contact the owner of the animal and, if unsuccessful, to write to the Association or contact the County Animal Control Department.
D-1 Only ordinary domestic animals such as dogs, cats, aquarium fish and small birds may be kept as pets within a residential unit, provided they are not kept, bred or raised for commercial purposes. No animals such as livestock or poultry may be kept, raised, or bred within any residential units or anywhere on Casablanca property.
D-2 All residents shall be held responsible and liable for any personal injury or property damage caused by their pets. If pet owners are tenants, the owner of the residential unit shall be held responsible and liable.
D-3 Legal action may be taken against owners of pets that make loud and/or excessive noise.
D-4 The Board of Directors reserves the right to expel any animal that becomes a nuisance in any way.
D-5 There are to be no more than TWO (2) household pets kept within any residential unit.
D-6 All dogs must be on a leash at all times and under personal control when outside individual living quarters (common areas, patios, balconies, etc.) This is a San Diego County Ordinance.
D-7 Animals must be kept out of landscaping (plants, shrubs, mulch, etc.). Animal defecation/urination must be limited to grassy areas.  Any litter  left by pets must be removed immediately by the owner of the animal. This is a San Diego County Ordinance.
D-8 Pets/animals must not be left unattended on patios, balconies, or common areas.
D-9 Pets/animals are not allowed within the confines of the swimming pool, spa, or waterscape areas. The Association will not be responsible for any harm to an animal for violation of this rule.
D-10 All pets/animals must have the appropriate city license.